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Fashion Filter - Colouring & Style Search

The Fashion Filter is a "slightly slicker" version of a basic search...Use any of the words listed below in the search function to help find the best garments for you quickly...

1. Type in your undertone - ie. Cool or Warm

2. Your size

3. Your style ie. Casual  Boho  Classic  Feminine Sexy

Don't know?  More info below, we would love some feedback on this - let us know what you think 

Here is an example of "Sandy" a tall gorgeous Mum of 3 with warm undertones and is a Size 10.  If you type "Sandy" into the search function (top left of the page) all her recommended items will pop up - like to have this happen for you?  Get in touch...or read on if you want to just try it for yourself.

Don't know what you should choose?  Read on for a quick and dirty analysis...

Are you a Warm or a Cool?

Warms tend to suit Autumnal colours, so think olive, rust, mustard, orange, moss green, beige, cream and gold - sunsets and corals....

Cools tend to suit clear colours, think blues, violet, rose, cocoa, emerald green, white and silver, the cliche is "jewelled" colours, take a look at the image below and see whether these look more like you.

If you still aren't sure then think about whether you would look better or worse in Hot Pink or Mustard?

Style Choices

We have tried to put a "style" on each garment, some have more than one, so the following are very vague guidelines, but have some fun and see what you think.

Classic: Do you steer away from floral and patterns and prefer classic pieces such as white shirts, blazers, clean cuts and unfussy but classy details.

Boho: A nod to the earth mother, with dreams of exotic travel, detail and interest with flowing maxi dresses, tassels and embellishment.


Occasion: Have a special event coming up, our occasion dresses and accessories are just that, a great outfit for something special.

Casual: Weekend wear and easy wash clothing that isn't too loud

Feminine: Floral, lacy and detailed pieces

Sexy: Young styles, or styles that show a bit more flesh or cling

So go ahead and try putting some of these words into the search engine along with your size and see if we can help steer you more quickly towards the best to hear your feedback